The Naples Gathering is a church that offers you a supportive community that encourages your spiritual growth and provides opportunities to deepen your relationship with God. Through worship services, community outreaches, interest groups, and Bible studies you can gain a greater understanding of God and His wonderful plan for your life. 

At The Naples Gathering, you will meet people just like you, people who share your values and beliefs. Here you will find the kind of community and social support that each of us needs during difficult times. Being part of a close community of friends can help you dispel loneliness and isolation while giving you peace and purpose.

Join a group, attend a class, volunteer some time, learn new skills, and feel connected and renewed. You were born to make a difference. Explore all of the ways that you can accomplish that while learning new ways to make better decisions and navigate the complex ethical issues in your personal and professional life. 

You are always welcome at The Naples Gathering. It is the place where you can believe, belong and become!